How would you feel if you knew something was wrong with your elderly mother but medical professionals pooh-poohed your concerns? Author Peggy Bushy was frustrated and scared when doctors downplayed her mother’s symptoms—anxiety, irritability, paranoia, and hallucinations about men trying to kill her. One specialist even suggested that her mother, Francesca, was drinking too much. Finally, Francesca was diagnosed with Lewy body dementia, and Bushy learned her mother would only get worse. For years, she looked after Francesca’s intensive needs at home and then supported her in long-term care. Throughout the ordeal, her bond with her mother remained strong. Her poignant memoir, which reveals the obstacles she faced and the strategies she used to overcome them, overflows with support and compassion for readers confronting similar challenges.

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Welcome to my kitchen table book…

My kitchen table is a very special place. It provides food, entertainment, camaraderie, and function. It shares joy, love, fears, and sadness with others. Hundreds of names have been carved into my kitchen table by family, friends, and visitors, talked about by people in the community, and even referred to in homilies at a few churches. It’s safe, warm, and comfortable. I’ve shared many stories across my kitchen table, and I’d like to share one with you. So grab a cup of coffee, pour a spot of tea, and come back in a few weeks to learn about one of the most important stories of my life’s journey…my role as a caregiver for my mother who suffered with Lewy Body Dementia.


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